So You Want to Meet a Reviewer at MAGfest

With MAGfest coming up, I know a lot of TGWTG fans are worrying about meeting their favorite reviewer. “What do I say?” “How do I not sound stupid?” Well hopefully this little guide will help.

Rule 1 (aka the most important one): They’re people just like you

One thing about internet famous people is that they’re really not that different from you. They get nervous about meeting people, they worried about being awkward, they sometimes have bad moods, and no two are the same. They all have different comfort levels and boundaries. Some of them love having lots of fans around and others are only comfortable with it in small doses while others are still surprised that they have fans.

So what does this mean for you? Don’t be terrified of them, they’re not that different from you. But also if you have a bad encounter, keep in mind that it’s probably not personal. They were probably just hungry or tired or in a hurry to get someplace or just having an off day. It’s a busy con and these things inevitably happen to everyone.

Rule 2: Feel free to converse with them, but don’t overstay your welcome.

If you’ve got something to talk to them about, by all means do it! But try not to catch them when they look like they’re trying to get somewhere and look for signals or hints that they want to leave. (again, they may be tired/hungry/going to film something) If for whatever reason, you aren’t good at catching hints, grab a buddy who can. And unless you’re invited or heading in the same direction anyways, don’t try to follow them around. Remember that they have panels to attend and crossovers to film and be respectful of their time.

Rule 3: There will be other chances

The con is several days long and you will see your favorite producer multiple times around the hotel. Don’t feel like you have to say everything in one go. It’s ok to have several shorter conversations rather than trying to spill everything at once.

Rule 4: Remember that they have heard their own jokes countless times.

Really this goes for anyone remotely famous. If they have a line or joke that’s really popular, than they’ve heard it and every variation of it a million times. And no matter how great it was this first twenty times, by the five hundredth time, it has gotten old.

Rule 5: Relax

If you’re at all worried about making a good impression than you’ll be fine. Just remember rule 1 and treat them like anyone else you don’t know all that well.

And if you’re worried about meeting Linkara, you really can’t make a worse impression than I did and yet he still talks to me.